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Oystein Baadsvik to LGMF

Oystein Baadsvik to LGMF

Oystein Baadsvik, the world’s only tuba soloist will be amazing India with his own compositions, some adapted western classical compositions and some of Dr. Subramaniam’s compositions.
The Daily Telegraph said: “Baadsvik shows that anything a violin can do, a tuba can do too.”




“Here’s what Oystein Baadsvik had to say:

I  am very much looking forward to playing with Dr L. Subramaniam and flutist Hubert Laws on this festival. I will do a program that consists of tangos by Astor Piazzolla and music that I have written myself. Some based upon Norwegian folk music.

This will be my first visit to India and I am very excited to experience the country. The culture, the people, the landscape and of course the music. I think every person on the planet have a relationship to India wether they have been there or not, and I am no exception. For example Indian music has always inspired me tremendously, and I have previously heard some of the great performances of Mr Subramaniam on recordings.

Being the worlds only full time tuba soloist I am also extremely curious to see how the Indian audience reacts to hearing tuba solo.”


December 20th, 2013

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